Using the Vodafone contact number to upgrade my mobile phone

Using the Vodafone contact number to upgrade my mobile phone

If you are one of those people who are on a monthly contract with Vodafone, then they have the responsibility to upgrade your phone for you before the contract period is over. You get in touch with them through the Vodafone contact number whereby they are going to advise you on what to do next. Those customers who are on the Red tariff can be able to extend the agreement that they have with Vodafone which will enable them to make use of the early upgrade policy that Vodafone offers. You should, however, know that you can only be able to make use of this policy 60 days before your contract actually ends.

You can also talk to the customer care team so that you can be able to find out when it is that you can actually be able to do your upgrade in case you are unsure of anything.

Can you be able to upgrade your phone before the early upgrade period is up?

In case you are already out of the 30 days or 60-day upgrade window that is normally given and you are wondering if you can still be able to have an early upgrade, then the answer is yes. All you may need to do is to buy out the rest of your Vodafone contract which is going to be charged at a monthly line rental that is going to be multiplied by the amount of time you have left for your contract to expire. Once you have cleared the early termination fee, you are now going to be able to upgrade your phone which will give you the chance to start on a new contract.

It is important for you to understand that this fee should be paid at the point in which you want the upgrade to be done and cannot in any way whatsoever be added to your Vodafone bill. For you to be able to upgrade early, you will need to get the Vodafone contact number so that you are able to speak with the upgrade team.

How can you be able to cancel the Vodafone contract?

In case you are thinking of canceling your contract, the most advisable thing for you to do is to get in contact with the Vodafone customer care team who will be able to advise you on the way forward. They are going to take you through the whole entire cancellation process or they may end up offering you a better deal which may convince you to continue working with them. You should keep in mind that you may have to pay a certain fee for you to be able to do the cancellation of the contract especially if you still have several months before your contract expires. You can go ahead and check how long you still have before you do any cancellations.

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