If you are a skilled worker, who is qualified to do a great job in your field and you are thinking of relocating to Canada. You need to think about using the express entry option, which is provided only for skilled personnel. The Canadian government provides skilled workers the option of relocating to Canada without much restriction so that they can take part in the improvement of the economy. This express entry system helps the managing the relocation affairs of the skilled workers bracket. This article therefore will provide you with an insight of this system by explaining all you need to know about it.

How it Works

This system is designed to manage the relocation applications for the federal skilled workers program, federal skilled trades program and the Canadian experience class. In addition, the local provinces and territories also enjoy the option of recruiting candidates who will come to fill the labor gap in their respective areas of administration. The ministerial instructions are the ones that govern this process. It entails two steps, which include.

Completing Online Express Entry Profile

For you to be considered for the express entry option, you need to apply for the program. For you to be considered you must fill an online secure form which includes your details from skills you have, work experience, language ability, education level and other details like age. Once you fill the form and you qualify for the program, your details will be submitted to the pool of candidates. In case you do not already have a job with any of the companies or territories, you will be required to register your details with the employment and social development Canada’s job bank, which will help you in getting potential employers who can offer you a job.

Permanent residence for the highest ranking

Once your details have been submitted into the pool of candidates. The information in them will be gauged and measured through the comprehensive ranking system, so that if you rank high in that pool you will be offered the permanent residence in Canada. The points that the system rates are gained from your profile information. Subsequently those that rank high but are not leading will be invited to apply for residency in Canada. The points are derived from the job offer, nomination by province and the skills one has, to top up the points you have an added advantage if you have gotten your education from Canada’s education system. Your profile stays in the pool for almost 12 months if you are not invited to apply for residency, then after 12 months you need to apply update your profile again for consideration.

Express entry therefore is a good option in applying for residency in Canada as it depends with your skills that you have and the information in your profile. In addition, if chosen the highest you are given permanent residency automatically and maybe you can get family immigration.

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