The right gear against zika virus

The right gear against zika virus

Treating a disease requires understanding the disease first. You then know what to treat and when to do so. Zika is one of the viral diseases known. Even if it’s of a mild nature, it’s still a virus and hence unwanted. This virus is selective for some people and not others. Transmission is by way of mosquitoes just like malaria. Seems that mosquitoes are carriers indeed; of the unwanted products. In the ecosystem, the mosquito may be having other benefits. To mankind, I don’t see a single benefit of them. That means they are not to be allowed anywhere near man. Zika virus can be transmitted though other ways including sex. The mosquito records the highest transmission rate. Fighting this killer insect kills the virus completely.

  • Take caution when travelling

Zika virus is among the diseases whose origin is Africa. Over time though, the virus has spread to the rest of the globe including America. Some other continents like Asia remain untouched though. This creates some disparity with regard to where the virus attacks and where it doesn’t. Some people are completely safe. That changes though when they want to travel to the outside world for life purposes whether business or pleasure. As you take your vaccinations like that of yellow fever during travel, don’t forget to carry your gear against zika. No disease is smaller than the other if at all both bringing harm.

  • zika_masterSex and zika

Having unprotected sex is the main reason people suffer from a million infections. Among them is our topic disease. After its initial transmission by mosquitoes, the virus gets into the body of the victim. That victim becomes a transmitter to those who come into contact with him/her. Engaging in sex is far beyond risk. Be sure to contract zika if you do that with an affected individual. For the travelling spouses, it’s always recommended that if one of you travels to a zika prone region, you carry out safe sex upon return. This allows enough time for the virus to disappear.

  • Zika and pregnancy

Zika might not be the ‘serious-effect causing’ kind of a disease. But that applies only to the adults. They have their immune system all developed and most importantly, strong. A mild zika is nothing to them. For a developing fetus, there is a long way to go yet. And reaching there depends on whether the parents safeguard it. As a nice mother, it’s safe that you avoid contracting zika for the sake of the kid. Cancel all visits to the zika zones and engage in safe sex.

  • Mosquitoes are the enemy

Zika virus and infographics show that most cases are brought forth by mosquito bites. At least the enemy is already known. And action can be taken from there. Prevention of mosquito bites is very much possible with repellants and nets readily available.

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