Avoid These Obvious Graphic Design Blunders

Graphic mistakes

We see countless appealing graphic designs around us everywhere, and we are tempted to try them in our business. We all have something to sell: some sell products, others have ideas. But the important thing to understand is that something that has worked wonders for another business might be a big design blunder for you.

For instance, a cute smiling baby picture will definitely attract new mothers towards a baby lotion advertisement, but you cannot put the same picture for a medicine related to back ache. So, avoid obvious graphic design blunders and intelligently customize the ideas for your business needs.

Go Media is explaining how mistakes in graphic design may become the cause of your potential customers running away from your business:

Web Design Blunders That Could be Wrecking Your Conversions

For most small businesses, your website is your first impression. If your web design is cluttered or fails to deliver fast loading speed, simple navigation and ease of use among platforms, your conversion rate is almost certain to suffer.

In case you aren’t familiar, conversion marketing is the way in which we convert visitors to your site into paying customers or engaged participants.

Your web design does make a difference. If it’s poorly done, fails to incorporate recent responsive design standards (i.e., can be used on mobile platforms too) or doesn’t help the user find what they need, the chances they are going to buy from you are slim.

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Businesses who do not pay heed to their graphic design are at a risk of falling behind in competition. Your visual ads are something that are either going to make your sales, or send your customers to your competitors. So, you should avoid possible graphic design mistakes to make sure that you get your fair share of the customers.

Desktop and Design is talking about two biggest graphic design mistakes in this post:

Two Biggest Cheap Graphic Design Mistakes a Business Can Make

How Cheap Graphic Design Mistakes Can End Up Costing You More
I believe in maximum efficiency when working with my clients, so when it is easier and cheaper for them to use do-it-yourself design tools I will encourage them to do so. However looking for the cheapest graphic designer for your business’ important marketing materials and corporate branding can be a huge mistake and will often end up costing you more in the long-run. I can’t count the number of clients that have asked me to fix something a bad designer did for them so here are some lessons to keep you from making the two biggest cheap graphic design mistakes.

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Roberto Blake is also highlighting some graphic design mistakes that you should definitely avoid:

So, always seek help from professional graphic design company if you are serious about your business.

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